Hello. We’re “Starfish Stories”. The band.

It started with their search for a band name.

A biologist and a librarian.

For their SeaStars 2007 album.

They considered “Sardines On Vacation” (Adrian liked it but it didn’t sound right for Ivan).

String Theories” sounded like a winner. There were aspects of the name that struck a chord with us (pun intended). But Ivan tested the name on his wife and got a scowl in return. Scrap “String Theories” then.

Adrian and Ivan then wondered if they really needed a band name.

Adrian Loo & Ivan Chew“, or “Ivan Chew & Adrian Loo“. Didn’t really matter to the two of them (the former was fine with Ivan; he felt that being listed alphabetically had its advantages).

OK, so no pretentious band name then. They’ll try to make “Adrian Loo & Ivan Chew” a household name.

But the two of them were still in a “spin cycle mode”, i.e. being wishy-washy.

Until Adrian asked if they were going to create separate blogs for each and every music project.


Never thought of that, went Ivan. No way they could manage so many blogs.

They didn’t know where their musical forays would take them, but it certainly wouldn’t stop at SeaStars 2007.

The Musicians

And so, here’s Starfish Stories: The Band.

5 thoughts on “Hello. We’re “Starfish Stories”. The band.

  1. hurray! and sorry ive been MIA, rotting in cold california. 🙂 glad to see so many reviews on the old blog. how to maintain 2 blog like this? 😛

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  3. hey! I found this blog when i was looking at Adrian’s blog -)

    I love the idea of collaboration, so Postal Service! i remember years ago when i wished there was a social network for musicians to collaborate on each others’ music, and i believe you guys have started the ball rolling!

    just got started on Garage Bands, and it’d be great to jam along to the tracks you guys put up *heh*

    i hope you’ll allow me to just share my band’s music at http://myspace.com/leesonsg

    and hope to hear more stuff from you guys!


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