Our song 4 the chicken – Cry Fowl!

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When I wrote the post “An Ode to Whales” on our Seastars album website, Ivan said something about duality when people say that hunting whales is bad but yet we eat other forms of meat without a thought to animals such as the chicken for instance. I remember reading in Thich Nhat Hanh‘s Miracle of Mindfulness about how we need to practice non-duality in our lives. Well, it basically means that at any instance in our lives, we can’t be contradictory. Like when we go to work we are kind to many people but harsh towards our family members. So Ivan was right when he said that we should accord the same kind of treatment or attitude towards even a “not so cute” creature like the chicken. (see also the Bambi syndrome about how we happily ignore the source of that piece of meat we eat..)

Anyway, so this is the inaugural song for this collection of songs from the Starfish Stories, having completed our album “Seastars 2007” This song is about non-duality and when I listen to it, I imagine the camera lens going into the eyes of the chicken and there the chicken is dreaming about itself walking down the road, enjoying the sights and the breeze of the empty terrain and the rolling hills by the side. Cigarette in one hand and a peace sign in the other? ha ha. But all this is an illusion for the chicken cos its actually in a battery farm…. sigh… “Free the chickens!!!”

This is definitely version 1. I couldn’t wait to put it up.

BBC Inside Out - Battery Farming

Interesting websites to do with Chickens


3 thoughts on “Our song 4 the chicken – Cry Fowl!

  1. Finally listened to it (sorry man, was busy with the SeaStars tracks).

    How you manage to compose songs (and pretty decent ones) based on dead fishes and now about farmed chickens is beyond me, Adrian! LOL

    1) Love the twin guitars and the fat rounded lead sound. Like Steve Vai’s sound! Think I hear some Flange + Wah effect. Very nice.

    2) Enjoyed the lead melody… again, it reminded me of something that Steve Vai would compose (have you been listening to Vai lately?)

    3) Nice melodic arrangement — I like the variation in the middle before the lead swings back to the starting melody. This song grew on me.

    4) The raindrops and thunder effects sounded distracting at certain parts. I’d add the effects sparingly.

    5) Parts of the song could benefit from sound engineering tweaks, to bring up the rhythm and bass for certain segments of the song. I might try to vary the drum beat at the chorus parts. But these are really minor points.

    6) What I’d try (if there’s anything to add) is to introduce a lead melody at the 1″00 mark, as a sort of “melodic break” with a different guitar sound. Around 3 to 5 seconds worth, for that variation.

    7) What I didn’t like — the title! “Cry Fowl” didn’t gel with the tune. I guess you wanted to convey a sense of “All is well with the world, cos I don’t realise I’m a caged bird”. But the song sounded too happy and hopeful (or was that what you intended)? With the rain and thunder plus the guitar effects, it says “Summer Rain” to me. Definitely not chicken or fowl related. šŸ™‚

    Overall verdict — I like this! Sounds quite complete.

  2. Gee thanks for the comments. I took your advice and upped the sound gate in a mega way. It solve most of the crackling I usually get when I go into electric lead mode.

    Yup there is the flanger, but no wah though. But it would really have benefitted from a wah.

    As for the additions… you want to add those in? I will pass you the GB files. Sheesh, if you can, could you add another ?stanza and transpose it to an entirely different key.. that might be cool..

    I enjoyed the fat sounds and doing those twin leads are super satisfying cos it gives that rich tone. I was in the zone when I was playing the leads. It was an enjoyable jam session.

    Yup, the name’s strange. Summer rain sounds weird.. Anything with summer just sounds imported for me. How’s about “monsoon rain”?

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