Finding Love (version 1)

Ivan Chew - ProfileTook about 6 hours to compose and record this, in one sitting. Another inspired moment, I suppose.

I’ve titled it “Finding Love“:

You could say it’s a “happy” song. I wanted to convey a sense of hope and angst of “Finding Love” and that in the end, you do find it. It’s suppose to sound hopeful at least. If it sounds depressive, then an extensive revision is needed!

The song came about as I was fiddling with two chords from Joe Satriani’s “Love Thing”.


If you think it sounds like “Joe Satriani”, you’re right (which means I’ve succeeded!)

I tend to follow his style of riffs and melodies. If you listen closely, there are also parts where I played a little like Bon Jovi’s “Bed of Roses” and also Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain“. Not that I deliberately tried to borrow their licks or set the guitar effects to sound like them. It just came subconsciously. I didn’t aim to be original. Just wanted to have a nice sounding song (at least for my personal enjoyment).

After recording a short rhythm track (30-seconds worth), I made a short test recording for the lead. Somehow I was able to “get into the groove” and gradually the test recordings became a full-fledged song.

But it wasn’t that smooth-going throughout.

Initially I had difficulties in getting the precise notes I wanted for the lead. I’ve not played the guitar for more than 2 months (was busy completing the final touches to SeaStars 2007). My finger tips hurt from lack of practice and the strings were not as supple as they were when new.

Finally, I decided I couldn’t complain (that much) with whatever I’d recorded. The other improvements would have to come from the subsequent sound engineering later on. Will have to add the drums and bass (Adrian says he’ll help with the bass). There might be a part where some strings can come in. But overall, I don’t want to make the arrangements too complicated.

Still work-in-progress.

You’re welcome to create your own lead. It’s originally recorded at 78 BPS. I’ve provided a recording of the rhythm track only (feel free to add your own lead, bass, and drums etc):

MP3 files can be downloaded from ARCHIVE.ORG

~ Ivan

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