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This song is about flying free and igniting your imagination (or the other way around). There must be more to our lives than just working for money, out of fear and just being the “salary man”, looking forward to the weekend. The days must be seamless and we must be mindful and have no duality. The only way is to be free.

I felt a song coming to my mind and decided to plug in the guitar. The strings had rusted over Jan and Feb so I restrung them and gave the guitar an oil rub… (lemon some more). So the firefly theme is easy to identify with I think – fireflies in a pitch dark night, sitting in a boat and going along a riverbank lined with mangrove trees and seeing the fireflies flying about. It just pure wonderment that we feel I guess when we see such things and maybe that kind of feeling makes us appreciate being free and letting our imagination take flight. Well for those out there who are feeling entrapped in anyway (and I do sometimes), at work or in any situation, here’s a song about taking flight and setting yourself free.

The song of course needs improvement but I am happy with the idea of the fireflies. Shrek, I mean Ivan, will do that… ha! His currently in Frisco now, giving a talk, an invited talk at a university… (phoar… big time he is).

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3 thoughts on “Firefly

  1. Wah, suan me ah?! What big time? lol

    Hey, in San Francisco the download speed is amazing since the is hosted in the US. But I digress…

    1) I like the start of the song. The clean guitar part. It fits the Firefly idea. I could see it in my mind — a peaceful, dark and quiet night when the fireflies come out. Like esp

    2) The electric lead was jarring. Broke the peace! Have you tried playing with a clean lead? Or at least a smoother distortion. Try a different instrument even.

    3) I couldn’t get the beat. Is it a 4/4 or 3/4? Sounded to me like the pause skipped over a beat. (To confirm this, try playing with a drum tap and see if the timing is consistent)

    4) The lead sounded messy from the 2min mark onwards.

    5) Overall, I like the idea and concept of the song. Firefly is an apt name of the song and the plucking melody is great;. The song would need further work though, and problem recording maybe

  2. thanks for the comment! Glad you love the song. I have been listening to the new version Ivan has made some improvements on. Its really a most apt time to be free from the boundaries we have in this life. I guess that can happen when we take our lives less seriously. As St Francis remarked, Light-hearted seriousness.

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