Promoting SeaStars 2007 in North America

Ivan Chew - ProfileThat’s right.

We’re known in North America.

OK, so only in San Francisco.

And only to about 20 people.

I gave away the SeaStars 2007 MP3 CDs to the Davies Forum participants.

Students, librarians, audience. And also some people at Techsoup.

Showed them the Dolphins Galaxia music video at the end of the talk.

Two of the students (Lulu and Steven) mentioned the album.

I don’t know if they’ve listened to the songs yet.

And I mailed a package to Jude who’s residing in the US at the moment (who gave his review here).

Let’s see if we will get a call from a music producer, Adrian. LOL

One thought on “Promoting SeaStars 2007 in North America

  1. Woo-hoo… 3 things to celebrate!
    Your post on how Sea Stars was in one of the most beautful cities in US that I am so in love. In fact so many of my Singaporean friends are there. Two- that your Sea breeze is the opening music to the play that i am directing. When first heard, the video producer commented that the song was so powerful it would sure start stirring emotions as the first piece. (Am trying now to post the videos onthe web) Finally, your post in SF was posted on my Bday….hahaha… (so lame…)

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