Documentary: “Radio Station Forgot To Play My Favourite Song“

[First posted at Yesterday.SG, 3 Mar 2008]

Ivan Chew - ProfileI’m not old enough to have experienced the vibrant Singapore music scene in the ’60s. But I’m old enough (or perhaps “young enough”?) to identify with the rock/ metal scene in the ’80s.

At least, I had some recognition of the songs, the bands, the musicians. I definitely got goosebumps as I sat mesmerised, reading Billy’s post and watching the documentary (posted in three parts in YouTube):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The title of the “rockumentary” has its namesake from a song by the Padres.

The film was a Final Year Project by a trio of NTU students five years ago. Billy’s post has the details.

Growing up then, I remember hearing some — just a few — of the featured songs on radio (the interviewees featured in the video repeatedly said there was little support from local radio).

In truth, I wouldn’t have bought most of the music then. ‘Cos I didn’t have much money as a student, and not all the music was my cup of tea.

But one’s perspectives changes with time, I suppose.

If someone were to compile the music from that period and make it available as a CD, I’d buy it now without hesitation.

I’d listen to it.

And savour the music from that era in Singapore’s (hidden) musical heritage.

Even the Death/ Trash Metal songs.

And my favourite track, without a doubt, would be the Padre’s “Radio Station Forgot to Play My Favourite Song”.

3 thoughts on “Documentary: “Radio Station Forgot To Play My Favourite Song“

  1. Waaah so sentimental ah Shrek? Actually, those days were magical come to think of it. BigO was the magazine to read then. It started off as photostated pieces of paper and the indie scene was really going strong. There were gigs everywhere and songs were experimental and original. My fav song was “I am so Happy” by Patrick

  2. hey man, thanks again for the (multiple) plugs. y’know, instead of buying a compilation of the music from back then, why not buy the music that’s available now? that’s readily available and also amazingly kickass as well.

  3. Hey Billy, I do buy music from Singaporean bands now. Favourite is Lunarin. But that’s about it, ‘cos the others are just not my cup of tea. But the music from the ’80s have nostalgic value. Just like 20 years ago, I don’t buy all the music (Singaporean or not) that I like now. But listening to them now, it gives a different meaning. Which explains why I buy so many “Best Of” compilations, lol.

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