Weight of an Empty Page

Regina, aka Wrkshy, is an ex-colleague of mine. She’s currently pursuing a degree in Fine Art and Contemporary Writing at NAFA. And she’s really talented.

When I came across her post (which seemed to be a writing assignment), I left a comment asking if Regina would allow me to use those words as lyrics to a song. I didn’t really expect her to respond, let alone say yes!

So here’s the song: “Weight of an Empty Page”
Listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG

Details at this post.

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2 thoughts on “Weight of an Empty Page

  1. woah, the piano instrumental is super nice. I like the progression to a happy mood towards the end. Really like the way the song picks up. I can imaging ethereal vocals here with a clear one in the foreground.

    Ooo. the ending rift sounded like water going down a cascading waterfall. Nice

    It would be nice with a fretless bass backing the music with some delivery in higher notes to punctuate the background.

    Good work man, your right brain really into gear here.

  2. Hi Adrian, I tried a Fretless Bass initially (it was one of the things I remembered to do, as you’ve suggested for one of the track in SeaStars album) but it didn’t quite work. In the end I used the Orchestral Strings to give that Bass feel. Problem is you have to wear earphones to hear it. But you game to give it a go? To add a Fretless Bass? We will call it version 1.2!

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