My home studio (2007)

Ivan Chew - ProfileInspired by Adrian’s earlier post on how his home music studio looks like, I decided to show mine as well.

The picture was taken back in 2007.
My home music studio 2007

Being the procrastinator that I am, I’d kept the image in a folder and subsequently forgotten to publish it. I discovered it today while backing up my SeaStars files.

2 thoughts on “My home studio (2007)

  1. Hi Ivan, I am glad to hear your music and very proud. Not sure about the dog part, was he calm or he fell off the chair after hearing your music? I like the music, soothing.

  2. Thanks for listening, Kuan! About the dog… OK, confession time: I made him pose. He’s not really lying there. I had a doggy biscuit placed somewhere, and made him do a “sleep” posture. After I took the picture, I let him have the biscuit as a reward 🙂

    If you liked the music, try our second album (it’s more upbeat though).

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