Walking On Air 2008 – with Friends from Songcraft

Ivan Chew - ProfileThis is a remix of “Walking On Air” composed in 2007. Unfortunately, as much as I’ve tried to re-engineer the sound, the playback volume is still too low for my liking.

Anyway… here’s the song:

“Walking On Air 2008, with Friends from Songcraft” Download/ listen at ARCHIVE.ORG
Music: Ivan Chew
Voices: Betty, Chris, Jerron, Lingfeng, Huiling, Daniel, Ginn, Marcel, the lady next to Marcel Carol, and Jeremy.

Last year, I’d planned to make a music video for it. I was quite ambitious in terms of ideas, with video footage and all that (including footage of the airplane taking off, from inside the plane). But didn’t have time to produce the video.

In late January this year, I decided to try something less complicated. I emailed the folks at Songcraft if they wanted to add their voices to the song. Requested that they record a few words or phrases on what Happiness meant to them (e.g. “Happiness is… reading a book”). Record it as an MP3 and email to me.

Only Betty responded (thanks!). She’d recorded three or four phrases. I did a trial version by adding her recording as a voice over. But clearly the three-minute song needed more voices.

So at the Songcraft meetup in March, I asked the participants to record their voices on the spot. Jeremy gamely lent me his MP3 recorder and almost everyone took part.

Or in Jeremy’s words, it was a “Ivan-making-everyone-do-this-right-here-right-now” thing. But he listened to the voice recordings and said he was glad the recording happened, and that the voices “actually sound pretty good”. You had doubts, Jeremy? LOL

Walk on air, folks!

7 thoughts on “Walking On Air 2008 – with Friends from Songcraft

  1. Very well done, Ivan! I was expecting something good from you…but I wasn’t expecting it to be THAT good! Definitely exceeded my expectations. I really love the way you played around with the various quotes in the later half of the clip. The arrangements are very well done.


  2. Ooh it’s really cool… great job!

    I can so imagine the video for this… US saying all those phrases then at the end, our faces change very quickly from one to another but everyone mouthing, “Happiness is…” and end off with us jumping up, hands raised, laughing…


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