SeaStars blog has been hacked

Sanitised version of our SMS conversation around 8am this morning:

Adrian: The seastars blog has been hacked into…

Ivan: Really? Wat it look like now? We must change all wordpress passwords then. Hacked using either of our accounts? [As Ivan was replying to Adrian, he’s thinking, “Alamak, this Adrian must have left his password lying around in school”]

Adrian: how do i know this sort of thing? wah piang there’s lots of crap in there lah… some of the music is still there.

Ivan: Can only look at it at home later. Hope the hack is only to seastars and not our other blogs. Must check if still got (my) RSS feed as backup.

Adrian: what day is today lah?

Ivan: [Pauses for a split second. Breaks out in a grin in mid step while walking to a meeting venue and giving others the impression he’s one card short of a full house. Replies:] Somebody is too free. Thks for the laugh though. U realise ur credibilty has taken a dive, don’t u? heh heh

Adrian: hee hee hee… The world is too serious… Glad I made your morning. What credibility?

Ivan: Dude. What would Gandhi say?

Adrian: He’d laugh out loud

Yeah, I really think Gandhi would 🙂
But Adrian, try it again and well… remember the Cry Wolf story!
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~ Ivan

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