Guitar Instrumental – “Just Wanna Be With You”

This is an instrumental version of this song (published in my personal Art blog). I’m releasing this as part of the Starfish Stories collection.

Listen/ download MP3 at ARCHIVE.ORG

I’d stripped away the vocals from the earlier song. Then added “live” guitar tracks, drums, bass, incidentals like Piano and Phased Sitar.
Just Wanna Be With You (Guitar Instrumental).band

I feel that this song is quite complete. But maybe Adrian or listeners here might think otherwise (I’m open to suggestions!)

Ivan Chew - Profile
~ Ivan

[5 Sept 08 – UPDATE: This song’s featured in this YouTube video!]

5 thoughts on “Guitar Instrumental – “Just Wanna Be With You”

  1. eh don’t shy leh… leave the vocals in lah… I liked it alot… Hey everyone…Ivan sings well.. he is just being shy about it!

  2. somehow I prefer the one with the vocals… Why don’t you put some vocal harmonies to smoothen the rough edges. After hearing the vocals version, the instrumental one sounds abit boring leh..

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