Linda (of Lunarin) reviews the song “Here And Now”

I don’t know many Singaporean rock musicians personally. But I happen to know Linda, Lunarin‘s singer/ bassist (we got acquainted from a library-related event).

So anyway, I emailed Linda about the song, “Here And Now“, since it wasn’t that bad.

She obligingly listened to it and emailed me her comments. So nice of her to do so! Here’s what she thought about the song (posted with permission):

Ok, I took a listen to this last night and have listened to it again this morning.

Overall the sound quality is great! Will certainly ask you for tips next time when I set up my home studio.

In terms of arrangement I really dig the mid section part onwards. In terms of the intro, I thought perhaps the two guitar parts could balance out a bit – I thought the background rhythm guitar could be a little jarring at times. But once the song moves on to the next movement – now that I really dig! And I am beginning to realize the mid section is quite “your sound” and is what I like about your compositions so far.

Thanks so much, Linda.

Encouragements like this one… priceless.

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