New Song: “One World”

This is my new song and I’m a-loving it!

ONE WORLD Listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG

I am super happy with this song. I seldom say that I’m pleased with my compositions, or playing or mixing. But this is one of the rare times I really cannot complain.

It was a fun song to compose and play as well. The mixing took a long, long time. About 4 weeks, ‘cos I worked on the track on and off.

This is the version without the lead. Try jamming along with it and create your own version (Creative Commons license applies):

ONE WORLD (minus the lead)Link to

Total of 19 layers (including the four layers for the lead). Quite a complex song by my standards, so much so that I craved for more computing power and RAM (my 2GB was not sufficient).

The lead melody was composed, recorded and edited in one session. Over 12 hours I think. I was on a roll and didn’t want to stop. Many takes and edits as usual (my ‘live’ playing is nowhere as smooth as what you hear).

One Part 1
One Part 2

First I recorded the rhythm track (A/ E/ B/ C#m) and then added the drum loops. The drums played a very important part in this song because it gave the whole upbeat feel. You can see from the screen shot that it’s a layer of three loops, and each layer are heavily spliced with a mix of quite a few loops. I sampled the GB loops and picked out those that gave me the drum notes I wanted. Then spliced them in. This took quite a bit of time.

Then another major part was spent on the bass (three four layers). In truth, it was due to this song that made me go out and buy a bass guitar! Then I watched some YouTube videos to learn how to play it (I played it like a guitar at first). Apparently the YouTube lessons paid off! LOL

I discovered that by combining two amp effects, I could make the guitar sounds much more solid sounding and/ or crunchier. Here’s one example of the lead guitar effects:
One Lead Guitar Effects

OK, I hope you enjoy this song.

I consider this my signature song for 2008.

[UPDATE: Check this out!!! Firdaus does a mash-up]

Ivan Chew - Profile~Ivan

16 thoughts on “New Song: “One World”

  1. Wait – How do I delete my previous comment? It’s not “busy” at all. It’s well done! I think it’s really good after listening for a few times. It grows on me. Which spell are you using? I like the title “One World” too! I only wished you didn’t just fade out at the end.

  2. Congratulations to Ivan and Adrian on yet another fine piece of composition. Now can set up shop in Orchard Road underpass liao. No, not as buskers (for I’ve yet to see someone busking by playing music on their notebooks) but selling your CDs there.

  3. Hi Ivan,

    I think the track is fantastic! Sorry for ruining your masterpiece so early, but I just couldn’t resist adding lyrics to the song because it’s so good (plus my exams have just ended, lol). The song reminded me of arena rock, so I have done it in the style of U2.

    The song can be found here:

    I think it’s one of my best songs yet, but then that’s because the music was good in the first place, heh..


  4. Hey Ivan, I love this song! The song is great! I thought the ending was quite ok though, but still, it’s really very well done! 🙂 Er… when are you selling your CDs? 🙂

  5. @Firdaus, I LOVE YOUR VERSION!!! Dude, you captured the essence of the song. You sang like U2. Thanks for the mash-up.

    @Jean: I could sell it, but would people buy it?! LOL

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  8. Got talent lah you. Like I said, let me know when you want to go commercial – or at least semi – and I’ll be happy to help you hype it up, with free PR pitching and all. 😉

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