Song: If You Were A Dance

Ivan Chew - ProfileI let a few people listen to this new song I wrote and sang. They didn’t puke. So here it is:

Listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG

Lyrics, chords and a Minus-One version here.

I let my wife listen to the song.

She replied by way of singing, “So ‘why do you keep singing this song‘?”

“That’s not the lyrics,” I said.

Apparently, my wife heard me sing the song so many times (I was recording take after take, so get the singing right) that she just had to rub it in.


Well I ain’t no singer.

Adrian and I have always maintained that if anyone wants to be our guest singer, we’re game!

~ Ivan
p.s. To my dear wife, I’m dedicating this song to you anyway 🙂


2 thoughts on “Song: If You Were A Dance

  1. Wah Ivan, this reminds me of our secondary school days when Chikgu Rahim, praised you to the high heavens for you drawings and whatever was left in the goodwill tank he had would be distributed to the rest of the art class. You are a genius… please don’t kick me out of this band… I promise to go for makeover

  2. I guess Chikgu Rahim meant well but it wouldn’t have been good for me or you guys. Now I finally, finally understand why some of my drawings ended up on the classroom floor. Silent rage short of lashing out on me per se? LOL. No hard feelings from me though. At least no one beat me up or something. Hahaha.

    Eh, dude. We still Starfish Stories leh. You suan me ah? 🙂

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