Song dedication: Adrian & his baby girl

My band buddy, Adrian.

New addition to his family, safely delivered this morning.


Which partly explained his absence from this blog.

He’s gonna be even busier now.

Yo, Adrian.

I dedicate this song to you, your new baby girl Leea, and your wife.


And also to all new fathers over the world today.

May your newborns have Sweet Dreams.

Music/ Instruments/ Vocals: Ivan Chew
Listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG


And congrats again, bud.

~ Ivan

5 thoughts on “Song dedication: Adrian & his baby girl

  1. Hi Ivan, thanks a million. What a song! Its one of the nicest song I have heard that is mushy but yet so palatable. To me, its a hit. Its funny how the night before the delivery my wife put my hands on her tummy to feel the movements and an overwhelming feeling overcame me and I closed my eyes and saw a nebula of stars in my mind.. Thanks bro.

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  4. hey ivan. what a lovely song. i had goosebumps all over just listening to it and being the sentimental fool that i am, almost had tears! but really you somehow got into the mood of new parents and i was just imagining that moment when one enters parenthood – so surreal. wow!

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