A new SeaStars 2007 fan!

SeaStars 2007Below’s a flattering review of the SeaStars 2007 album, from Elvina. But first, a ramble of how she came to review the music:

Elvina’s a young intern who works in the same office where I’m at. I’d see her around from time to time but we never had any reason to chat.

She reports to a colleague of mine, Jami. About a week ago, Jami offered a few of us in the office a package of chocolates. I was feeling hungry then so I asked if I could take two. Jami said, “Sure, take as many as you want” (she’s generous). I ate four in the end. So feeling a little “pai-say”, I gave her a SeaStars 2007 mp3 CD that was in my drawer (or rather, I made her a copy).

A few minutes later, I heard Jami call me from her cubicle. I went over and she was playing the album. She asked the usual, like how album was put together, what sort of instruments were used. That was when Elvina the intern came over to listen to the music as well.

Elvina seemed genuinely interested in the music. She even said she’d buy the CD! She’d read this post and said she’d be happy to be our 2nd paying customer.

I declined. Said the previous sale was for a charity. Elvina didn’t have a thumbdrive with her. I gave her my spare mp3 CD to bring home and make a copy.

A few days later when I was back in the office, she said she forgot to bring the CD. No problem, I said. Keep the CD, I said. She looked delighted, and I’m glad. Always nice to give things to someone who appreciates it. Later in the day, I saw her in the photocopy room shredding some documents. On a whim, I said if she could write a review for us.

Sure thing, she said. She’d planned to do that earlier but said something about but being sure if we wanted a review. Ah, of course we’d want reviews.

Good or bad reviews, we’ll post them all up, unedited.

So thanks, Elvina, for taking time to listen to the music and sharing your thoughts.

My personal favourites are:

1) “Seashore Days” (Can feel myself lounging on the beach with a book on hand. Lol! )

2) “Stargazer” (What a suitable name for this! Exactly as i’ve imagined! In the night enjoying the breeze with beloved one, and STARGAZING!)

3) “Starfish 1.2″ ( Uplifting. Before getting to the last part with the children’s laughter, i’ve already gotten the impression that this is a reflection + cheerup kind of music. Good for walks in parks kind of music,starting with the music slow, we’ll observe our surrounding, a time for reflection followed by getting faster with the rythmn at the middle of the music set by the guitar, it just kindda picks up a person’s mood. As this reaches the end, i was like, wooh! Tt’s it! This is gonna be a hit for when someone in low mood. The kid’s laughter just brightens up everything!

4) ” Dolphins Galaxia 1.1 ( great! Like the cute little sound of dolphins. I see mermaids playing with the dolphins or I felt like i was being transported to heaven, celestial? (simply divine!) Yet, the ending seems to be kindda draggy.

Other comments:

Sea Anemone 2.1 ( Playing time is slightly long. Would have been better with more variations in between.)

Good effort in Seabreeze 1.4., especially by trying to bring in Chinese instruments into it. However, personally i dont see much relation between the dolphins and the Chinese theme. Just feel that they dont go well together.

Elvina’s full review, here.

~ Ivan
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One thought on “A new SeaStars 2007 fan!

  1. Wooah!!! Tt’s a long description on how u got to know me and how i’ve got to know your album. So music does bring ppl together. Kekeke…now your new fan’s promoting the album to other people. Will ask them to comment when they’ve got the time. 🙂

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