A Quiet Afternoon

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Did this song quiet a while ago. It was a raw version with just 2 guitar tracks and I passed it to Ivan to add to it. Since he bought a bass, I thought it would be nice to fill the background with some lower notes. He also added some nice acoustic guitar fills to it.

Its a mood piece. I did it while meditating on a quiet afternoon. Reaching mindfulness and letting my thoughts drift across my mind. While I sought and felt the peace, fleetingly random thoughts would punctuate the mood. It was mindfulness and thoughtfulness rolled into one. Strangely this song also evokes a heavy pensiveness. I think those were worry-laden days when my wife was pregnant with Leea.

I have been experimenting with a pure guitar sound and exploring a more unique style than the usual drums, bass, rhythm and melody/lead kind of structure. I think it started with tunes like Seabreeze. I don’t really work with a basic beat but rather let the tune carry its own rhythm. Its then over to Ivan to interpret the rifts and then do some magic to it. Its a bit more challenging for Ivan but I am pretty happy with what he’s done to improve it and yet retain the sound. Finding something that’s straight from the heart is a purer expression of both roots, culture and mood. So the music although a bit raw is more close to home for me.

It took me a while to post this as I was finding the right moment… [Ivan rolls eyes]. It had to be a quiet afternoon.. But it isn’t really quiet today but I think I have settled into a kind of peaceful mindful state. Something hard to achieve but I did it. The secret: I haven’t watched TV since Monday. Its only three days but what a difference it makes. My time has not been stolen and I can savour each moment, each crying moment from Leea more intensely and mindfully. TV steals time. Ahhh.. its raining now and the sound of the rain is soothing.

A song dedicated to my bandmate Ivan for his patience and philosophy.

~ Adrian

4 thoughts on “A Quiet Afternoon

  1. Wah, dedicated to me? OK, I shall take back my *roll eyes* LOL
    Thanks dude, for the dedication. I liked your raw version immediately. Felt it was a song that shouldn’t be edited too much. Took me a long time to decide if I should edit it at all. Glad it got your approval.

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