Song: Rainy Days

This song took a long time to get here. And it’s not complete yet.

“Rainy Days v2” Listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG

Adrian recorded the first version in December 2007. Rhythm guitar track mixed with GB drum loops and bass. No lead.

I didn’t have any strong ideas for the song so I filed it away.

About two days ago, he emailed me this version with an acoustic lead, synth keyboards and a ‘live’ recording of rain (it’d been raining very heavily in Singapore past few days). I didn’t realise it was the same song until he reminded me.

I also joked that the rain sounded like radio static, and the lead should be called a “led” since it was so far in the background, lol. But overall, I liked it. It had this “cleansing” and “refreshing” mood to it.

Then I decided to record a lead just to see how it sounds. Gave myself 30 minutes so that I can rush it off to Adrian. Didn’t intend to come up with a complete song. It was just to send Adrian a rough demo version (to catch him in his music-making groove before he gets caught up with parenting again hahaha).


Maybe it was the rain (as in, the real thing) that’s been rainy down for the past few days. Maybe it was Adrian’s long musical hiatus. Or it was the tune and melody of the song.

Whatever the reason, 30 minutes became 1.5 hours.
Rainy days

Adrian was still up. I emailed him the song. We spent the next two hours just discussing the song over the Internet (327 lines of chat!)

We felt we had a winner with version 2.

I played it on Repeat mode and it sounds… like a pent up storm that has unleashed but not destructive in any sense. Adrian’s muted guitar effect somehow balanced the noisy sounding lead, I thought.

Adrian’s done a nice job with this one. I didn’t have work that hard to develop the lead. I think his rhythm and bass gave me enough aural hints. The melody for the lead sort of floated into being.

Adrian liked version 2 as well. He emailed Siva, who also enjoyed it and even blogged about it.

This morning it rained on my way to work. I put the song on repeat mode. For some reason, I wanted the train/ bus ride to be longer. So that I can listen to the song, heh.

There’s still work to be done. A little re-recording, editing, sound engineering…

OK, you be the judge if this song works or not.

Here are all the versions to date, in order of their development sequence:

Version 1, 28 Dec 2007: “Rainy Days v1”

Version 1.1 (acoustic lead, ‘live’ rain ambient, synth), 4 Sept 2008: “Rainy Days v1.1”

Version 1.2 (the same as V1.1 minus the ‘live’ rain, which I requested Adrian to email me), 4 Sept 2008: “Rainy Days v1.2”

Version 2 (electric guitar lead; I chose to work on version 1 instead of 1.2; the synth and the electric leads was overkill), 4 Sept 2008: “Rainy Days v2”


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5 thoughts on “Song: Rainy Days

  1. I love the tuneful melody of the lead you composed. Somehow the thumping bass line, the muted guitars and your lead come together harmoniously. Good work dude, good one.

    Somehow for these songs, I have needed to be in some state of mind before composing. They are not reactionary but rather transpired from a feeling. The basic music for the song was done in December when the weather was much similar to what we are having now.. rainy, not thunderstorm kind of rain but pouring and the kind where its good to just chill out at home. I didn’t think the song would have such an upbeat melody but somehow the lead you did over it worked fantastically. Collaborative creativity.

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  4. Apologise for the super late comment. And thanks for dedicating this song to me!!
    Just nice, it came right in time for my birthday, 6 Sep! Here’s comments of all the different versions:

    Version 1/ 1.1 – Like these 2 versions. Agree with lekowala. Sounded like a nice soothing rain and i would expect myself to rest at home with a cup of hot milo and a book ;). However, it would be easier to guess the title of the song from version 1.1 because of the sound of rain in the background.

    Version 1.2 – Didnt really sound like it was raining. More like space travelling.

    Version 2 – Sounds like a heavy rain/ thunderstorm! Very harsh, like there’s a lot of frustration and anger involved. (Overall, it’s nice!)

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