Rainy Days version 2.2

This comes hot off the heels from versions 2.0, 2.1 and also 3.0 (all in two days — crazy right?! what can I say? i’m on a roll! and because Rainy Days is such a fun tune to work with!!!)

“RAINY DAYS v2.2” Listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG

I spent almost the entire day tweaking it (after I’d done some of my household chores of course).

Here’s what made me do it.

From the Gmail chat transcript between Adrian and me from this morning, after he compared version 2.1 with 2.0 (chat transcript edited… er, let’s just say we were our usual irreverent selves; editing needed to maintain the Family-Friendly image for this blog, LOL):

Adrian: I listened to version 2.1. I think it lost some of the spirit in version 2.0 had. Sorry.

Ivan: Aiyah!

Adrian: But I think you are trying to address the important parts that I also felt needed to be worked on
so that’s good.

Ivan: I thought v2 was [better] than 2.1. ‘Cos there was only the guitars. In v2.1, though the drums were nicer, it muted out the guitars. A distraction even.

Adrian: There was a change in volume after the leads. I listened to it abut 3 times

Ivan: What if I raised the guitar vol for v2.1? In v2, it was quite noisy and messy at times and some parts of the lead tend to repeat.

Adrian: I kind of liked some parts where the was improvisations. So you agree that your original version 2 was better?

Ivan: Yes. Slightly better in terms of feel. But v2 is more polished.

Even before Adrian’s comments, I felt version 2.1 lacked a certain something. Once he confirmed it, I felt a bit disappointed about going back to the drawing board. Like, all the hours for Version 2.1 was for nothing.

But I took time out.

Went to buy lunch for me and my wife. After a hearty and sinfully cholesterol-rich meal of laksa, I felt better (warm spicy food does the trick!)

Decided the effort for Version 2.1 was not a waste. It’s a learning experience. So interesting how volume adjustments to the guitar tracks affected the feel of the song.

The easiest thing to do was work back up from Version 2.0. So true (at least in tweaking the sounds) that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

I went back to the Version 2.0 files, imported the drum tracks from version 2.1 but lowered the volume. Then minor editing of some parts of the lead that sounded off — mainly to clarify the alternate guitar parts and mask out some mistakes in playing. But left all the other volume settings untouched. Seems any volume adjustment for the tracks (bass, drums etc.) will affect the sound to some degree.

What made the difference was the Choral/ Flanger/ Rock Phaser effect that was lowered down in version 2.1. There’s definitely a more full-bodied sound for version 2.2. Not sure if Adrian would agree.

There are some refinements that I really like in version 2.1, so I’ll incorporate that into version 2.2 — to make version 2.3. But I’ll take a break for now.

Making music is a lot like drawing and painting!

There’s always this extra dab of paint, one more stroke of the brush, that final flick of pigment you want to make…

But comes a point you gotta be happy with the overall effect. Not to lose sight of the forest just because of a tree.


OK, if anyone (other than Adrian) is listening to the music here, I’d be grateful if you leave your comment.

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7 thoughts on “Rainy Days version 2.2

  1. Uncle, while I think this version is technically very sound, I still feel that the version 2 had spunk. I somehow could connect with your artistic release in version 2. I danced around the room with my baby to version 2.0 so now it has that added sentimental value. Sorry lah but I will still use version 2 when I dance with Leea. But I think all your hard work on this song is still worth it. It just shows you how much you enjoy the song. Its like a new birth.

  2. Thanks, Carrie and Victor, for the comments. Victor, at some parts there’s supposed to be an “extra guitar” coming in, or something to that effect.

    Adrian – maybe it’s the drums? In 2.0, the drums are muted and no variation. We’ll see what we can do. Probably for those who’ll only listen to the song once, the differences beyond version 2.1 are slight.

  3. No wonder I found 2.2 a bit rockish…strangely, I suddenly thought of Chariots of Fire when I heard it (hope you’re ok with that).
    v. 3.0 actually sounds quite different. more soothing…maybe a drowsy rainy day? I find the “background” a bit soft, maybe intended. Hmm…personally would like more “instrumental” to it though, but it’s fine, depending on what you intended to create.

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