Genetic (re)Mix

An original composition by Adrian. For this song, I merely edited Adrian’s guitar lead, added new beats and drums plus other incidental sounds. This song is complete, unless I hear some other comments on how to improve it.

“Genetic (re)Mix” Listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG

This is a lengthy track. It’s one of my favourite now. I consider this an “Aural Journey” more than a song.

Genetic (re)Mix - GarageBand

When I first listened to Adrian’s demo track for “Genetic Mix”, I told him I didn’t like it that much – even though he seemed pretty excited about it (we’re honest with each other when it comes to our music). I found the demo piece too noisy. Sounded more like a jam session. Too much guitar work, especially the tapping and pull-offs. There was no melody that I could discern. So I kinda forgot about the track along the way.

Then Adrian reminded me about it, when we met two days ago to discuss our second album. So the following evening, I revisted Adrian’s composition.

To be fair, there were some nice riffs but Adrian’s timing was off in some parts. And for some stanzas, there were some extra measures (I counted, Adrian! heh)

Anyway I started editing his tracks by splicing and realigning the parts which sounded off. Then a bit of work figuring out where I had to insert an extra measure. This entire phase was purely mechanical in a sense. I was more or less on auto-pilot, just cutting/ copying/ pasting the tracks.

A typical edited track looks like this:
Genetic (re)Mix - GarageBand

I experimented with different beats, drums sounds etc.

Putting a piece of music together in GarageBand often reminds me of painting. You dab a little paint here, flick or sweep a brush stroke there… overdo it and you end up with a messy picture. It requires some technical skills, some gut-feel, and some luck.

Emailed the track to Adrian and he thought I came up with a new lead. I told him it was all his original playing. Just some artful editing.

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4 thoughts on “Genetic (re)Mix

  1. Dude, very soon we can leave our day jobs… not!
    But that was some piece of editing man.. I felt good about myself.. ha! But I think there were many surprises that you added to the song. I could understand why you weren’t excited about the piece at first but I was pretty revved up playing it. It just felt like raw creation. But I think the song went through a punctuated equilibrium, i.e. evolved by leaps and bounds with your editing. I think its like those plain jane kind of girls who suddenly get transformed into a beautiful lady. You certainly worked magic here. 5 goosebumps for this song.

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