Remixed: Firefly

This is a very slightly remixed/ re-engineered version of Adrian’s original composition (Feb 2008)

Compare this to his original version:

I followed Adrian‘s original melody closely. Had to redo the lead ‘cos some parts didn’t sound confidently performed (not that I was technically better; just that I had the benefit of multiple takes!). As for the original tapping part, it was nice but a tad too long and when I edited it, somehow didn’t fit in the version I did. After much deliberation, I decide to remove the tapping part in Adrian’s original version. So when I sent version 1.1 to him, I had a feeling he would like the version, heh.

But he said it was nice. Just that the last part didn’t seem so “happening”. So I tried this version (by inserting his tapping part). Hmm… I guess needs more work.

If you’re listening to this, please let us know what you think of the versions. And how to make it better.

~ Ivan

2 thoughts on “Remixed: Firefly

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