A Singapore Starfish Story: Su The Bandit

There’s many things I can write about “Su The Bandit” aka Carrie.

First, I’ll let her music speak for herself – please listen to her songs here.

MySpace.com - su the bandit

One thing I’m careful is not to give too much away about Carrie. I’m only mentioning things which she has (gradually) made public.

Carrie’s starfish story
I’m not sure how she discovered my other blog. But she did, back in Aug 07, and left me a comment for this song.

Naturally I introduced her to Songcraft. Over a few emails, I learned about why she wrote and composed her songs. Turns out she’s a working mum. I can say this now because she’s blogged about why she recorded her songs and why she continues to make music.

To be honest, her comment first appeared like spam! I mean, the comment simply said “Holy potato. Could I link up with you?” lol

But I clicked through the URL she left in the comment, which led me to her music.

I’m not ashamed to say that I fell in love with her music the first time I heard it.

Like how one could fall in love with life; when one looks at a flower. Or clouds in the sky on a quiet afternoon.

Carrie’s music is nothing like what Adrian and I compose. Her work has a more jazzy feel. But at some level, I think it’s the same.

Contemplative. Personal.

Most of all, I find myself connecting with her music because it seemed to me like her Starfish Stories, through music.

At her Myspace page, she says:

Hi. I have never played in a band but I like writing songs. Between jobs, I had a midlife crisis of sorts contemplating things I did, things I never did. Lost loves. Yoof. First love. Time. How quickly it passes. I came up with a list of things that I wanted to do before I conk off and decided that I would just do them without thinking of the consequences or feeling malu about it.

Thanks, Carrie.

For throwing your starfish into the sea.

~ Ivan

5 thoughts on “A Singapore Starfish Story: Su The Bandit

  1. Wah, this must be the best post for this blog… at least it wasn’t about us.. ha ha ha. And it was really sweet. You are such a sweetie Ivan.. ha ha hah

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