Remixed! Cyclo Ride Saigon 2008 by

Ivan Chew - ProfileA few weeks ago, I received a pleasant surprise from a YouTuber, Mindy. She emailed me to let me know she found this song from and used in her video:

So nice of her to contact me, in spite of me NOT putting details in the entry on how to credit me or how to get in touch (shortcoming has been rectified!)

She later explained:

Yeah, when I first found it on there was NO info about you. I had to Google you and do research. Lucky you have blogs!

Mindy also obligingly put up the credits in her YouTube video blurb.

I left this comment at her video:

Woah! Scary!!! I flinched at 1:26 when the car flashed its headlights at your camera. And again at 2:11 — looked as if the other trishaw was going to crash into you. BTW, thanks for informing me about using my song. I like how the beeps and traffic noise blended with the music. Wasn’t what I had in mind but it works! lol

Thanks for sharing that, Mindy!

~ Ivan

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