Music Video: ONE WORLD (2008)

Ivan Chew - ProfileI completed the song, One World, in May this year. I knew in my heart I had to make a music video for it.

I finally completed the music video over five evenings last week, including a weekend.


Creative Commons LicenseMusic Video: One World (2008) by Ivan Chew is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Initial vision for the music video
In my mind, I saw this lone guitarist, holding a Les Paul Standard, walking up to the edge of a canyon. The camera pans around him and out into the vastness. Snap the view to the guitarist hitting the first note. And the video pans to scenes of soaring clouds, fly-overs of mountains, water falls, and then to city-scapes. And the video was about people, of all races and creeds.

One World, as the song title goes.

I couldn’t possibly shoot that kind of video. And I didn’t have the inclination to start anything. Until about a week ago.

Creative Commons
Went to and to search for materials licensed under Creative Commons (attribution). Picked out 115 photos and 15 videos. Used most of them.

It’s not 100% what I had in mind (e.g. couldn’t find that rock guitarist video footage). But it’s close enough.

A huge thanks to those who’ve shared their works under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

It’s their generosity–those who have shared their work under the CC license–that I could make this music video at all.

Heh, just making a record of the credits took me two nights!

Photos, all 92 images, listed in order of appearance. Names are linked to the individual photos, so there would be repeated names. My friend, Kenneth, had so many excellent photos I ended up using many of them:
noahg | Chris Gin | Kris (ATX) | Darwin Bell | hypertypos | Ilan’s Photos | Ingorrr | Lourdes Nightingale | notsogoodphotography | angela7dreams | Rob | Rob | Haintso Rakouth | HK James Ho | J Pod | DMahendra | Elizeu Santos-Neto | kalandrakas | s.tormod | Nathalie_Renaud | soylentgreen23 | s.tormod | HK James Ho | Yoshimai | Ed Yourdon | stephane_tougard | MatterEnergy | jackol | Two Roses | chefranden | athomson | malias | freeparking | josh-n | dlkinney | gregor_y | Ahron de Leeuw | stephane_tougard | Two Roses | Vanessa | stephane_tougard | Ed Yourdon | kamshots | davco9200 | stephane_tougard | iZZomv | stephane_tougard | etoile | Ed Yourdon | stephane_tougard | pedrosimoes7 | Mr. Kris | yeowatzup | 2493TM | mrhayata | scumfrog | acroamatic | acroamatic | acroamatic | dogfrog | ryuuji | acroamatic | acroamatic | acroamatic | acroamatic | acroamatic | acroamatic | schillergarcia | acroamatic | Tawheed Manzoor | freeparking | stephane_tougard | acroamatic | masochismtango | freeparking | acroamatic | acroamatic | acroamatic | acroamatic |acroamatic | acroamatic | soham_pablo | acroamatic | acroamatic | acroamatic | acroamatic | acroamatic | acroamatic | schillergarcia | acroamatic | acroamatic | acroamatic |

VIDEOS (in order of appearance):

The full-quality MPEG-4 video can be downloaded, here.

If you enjoyed this video, please feel free to leave a comment 🙂
~ Ivan

27 thoughts on “Music Video: ONE WORLD (2008)

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  2. U dah man. So much talent in you. Enjoyed the conceptualization behind the music video. Great music too. Loads of hardwork. You stood on the shoulders of giants – but all credit to you too.

  3. What an amazing video Ivan! I really love how you put all the various pictures and videos together to create a wonderful effect. It must have taken a lot of effort on your part, but it’s well worth it in the end.

    Great stuff!

    The crediting was extremely thorough too.

  4. Hey Ivan, that’s a very nicely put together music video. The effort must be tremendous. Somehow it seems to have some kind of environmental message or green movement undertone with the melting iceberg.

  5. Nicely done! good selection of pics & videos & the music definitely has that 1 world, soaring feel. I like all the scenery & also the part where you coordinated the drummer’s beats to your music. 🙂

  6. You knocked my socks off. Your music was great. The video was very expressive and flowed beautifully. Thank you for the very nice video credit. I will be watching for more of your videos!

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