Tommy Emmanuel

Learned about guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. Solid sia.

The second YouTube video reminds me of Acoustic Alchemy (ooh, I didn’t know Nick Webb passed away; now AA is more than a 2-man band).

~ Ivan

3 thoughts on “Tommy Emmanuel

  1. Yes, I have found this post with Tommy Emmanuel playing on the guitar. He has good technique in playing chords, and he looks like he is passionate about his craft.

    The challenge that I often have when attending guitar concert is that I do not have a full idea of what to listen out for when I listen to the sounds produced by the guitar. As such, I often end up being biased, and would listen for sound-experiences similarly to those that I get when I listen to bowed-strings instrument. And then, most of the time, I end up preferring to listen to bowed-strings instrument because I can’t find the sound-experience that I am seeking when I listen to guitars-playing.

    I think playing the guitar is so much harder to master, because a good right-hand technique is so critical in ensuring that what has to sound legato (smooth and lyrical) has to sound that way, using simply good right-hand plucking techniques! It is possibly easier to do so with the use of a bow? Though using a bow properly is possibly challenging too.

  2. Either it is my lack of exposure, or the fact that my preference is to listen to sounds from acoustic instruments and not electric-instruments, my ears didn’t like it, even though to be fair, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai have good musicianship.

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