Song: “Two Ladies” (dedicated to Tan Kheng Hua & Lim Yu-beng)

This song was inspired after a jam session at the home of Singaporean theatrical talents, Tan Kheng Hua & Lim Yu-beng.
Tan Kheng Hua & Lim Yu-Beng
I’m not making this up, we really met them!

But first, the song: TWO LADIES Listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG

Why call the song “Two Ladies”?
Because it was inspired by a photo that Kheng Hua showed us, as she explained about the play. It’s a play “about the possibilities between two people in a budget hotel room“.

So ripe with innuendos, right? LOL

And one of those “two people” she showed in a series of photos was a set with two ladies.

Oh hey, I just found out that Kheng Hua has a blog!

Here’s the photo of the “two ladies”:

“Duet” by Eleanor Wong
Two old friends, a new song and loads of baggage to work out before they hit the right notes.
Starring Karen Lim and Serene Chen

I remember Kheng Hua saying the two ladies being good friends, living their own separate lives, only to find themselves at a point where they need to re-look at life. They aren’t lesbians or lovers.

OK, I must qualify that I can’t really remember verbatim what Kheng Hua explained about the play. I remember more about the feeling from looking at those photos AND hearing Adrian tentatively strum the basic Em/ D chords that evening. Those chords would eventually form the basis for the song.

Speaking of here’s a plug for their upcoming play (information provided by Kheng Hua):

“Do Not Disturb – Late Checkout, Please.”
Tickets at $35, available from Sistic from end October 2008.

Opens 18 Dec 2008, at Esplanade Theatre Studio.

Four New Stories About What Happens To Two People In A Budget Hotel Room!

Rated R(A)

Directed by Tan Kheng Hua and Produced by Tan Kheng Hua and Janice Koh

We dedicate the song “Two Ladies” to you, Kheng Hua and Yu-Beng. May your play have a good run!

p.s. I just realised there’s lots of “twos” in this post: “Kheng Hua and Yu-Beng”, “Two Ladies”, “Couples in a budget hotel”. To our friends reading this post — please don’t even try to picture Adrian and Ivan in a budget hotel room! That’ll be so uncool. lol
The Musicians ~ (L – R) Ivan Chew & Adrian Loo

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