New song: Twilight (2008)

When I sent the draft version to Kevin, he reminded me that Twilight” is also the series title of the currently super-popular book by Stephenie Meyer.

But no, I didn’t have Stephenie Meyer in mind when I named this song.

Just felt that it’s a song about “transitions”, the in-between period between day and night, i.e. Twilight. But a transition that is looking towards the positive.

[Twilight Moon
Originally uploaded by versageek]

Ah, enough idle musing. Listen to the song instead.

Warning: It’s loud!

“TWILIGHT (2008)” Listen/ download the higher quality versions at ARCHIVE.ORG

[Update: A sample of the basic harp/ celtic flute melody can be downloaded at]

Adrian heard the draft version and said it was little noisy at some parts. So I lowered the distortion levels. He also said a bass would give the song some “backbone”, so I did what I could with my limited bass guitar skills.

Twilight (2008)

I like this song.

Hope you enjoy it too. Let me know what you think of it.

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19 thoughts on “New song: Twilight (2008)

  1. Not as “Irish pub” as mine was, haha!

    Yeah the middle portion of the song definitely sounds Irish due to the drumming beat and the flute(?). The opening sounded very Oriental to me though.

    Overall, I enjoyed listening to it. Interesting choice of instruments, and nice recurring melody (i.e. motif) too. Sounds like something different from what I usually hear from you. Nice one!

  2. Yes I agree with Firdaus, it certainly sounds like an Irish folk song. I don’t find it noisy or loud though.

    I like this song. However I think it would be nicer if there are some vocals. Male vocals that is.

  3. Twilight is my favourite time of my day and ive never in my mind, felt it sound like this, but that is not to say that i’m not excited about this. Its cool that twilight inspires you too, this is like a medieval rock song. Melodic, like the troops are going home. I like it..its a great walking home song.

  4. Hi all, thanks for listening, and the encouragement!
    @ Jerron – you want to sing for me? hahaha
    @ Carrie – it is a “walking song”! In fact, I listen to it and find myself walking in time to the drum beats. Maybe I should send it to the SAF for consideration as a marching song.

  5. I agree with Carrie that it doesn’t quite sound like Twillight, but it has a nice folksy Irish tune with a modern rock infused tune -U2? haha…. perhaps a dancing thingy. Images that come to mind include that scene in “Titanic” where the crew were dancing a folk dance and also the “Lord of the Rings” where Hobbits were making merry..

    Perhaps it could be renamed “Leprechaun’s March”? Haha…

  6. Hi Ivan,
    Very catchy tune! I like it. It could reach greater heights (not that its not wonderful already) it you could put in a part without the guitar but with ethereal synthesizers and just a flute just to tone things done in the middle part. I think it would make the song stand out.
    Sorry took so long to reply… work lah.

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  11. Hi Ivan,

    are you willing to supply the GarageBand files for remixing? We’re looking to use the piece in a community movie set up here in Yorkshire. Email me if you want to know more.

  12. Hi Marc, the GB files are way too big to be uploaded from my computer (limitations of my home Internet bandwidth). But I can send you the individuals tracks as higher quality MP3s, if that helps.

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