Song: The Hill (2008)

One of my better songs, if I may humbly say so. I wanted this to be a strong, confident, inspirational tune. Do you think it sounds like that?

“The Hill (2008)” Listen/ download the higher quality versions at ARCHIVE.ORG

The whole song started as a melody (as what you’d hear at the beginning), with a Celtic Tin Flute sound. Then I added more and more layers, adding bagpipes, choir voices. I experimented with a series of different “African Drum” loops, which worked nicely.

The effect seems to be like a marching song from the heydays of the British Empire. You know, the Scottish bagpipes and African drums.

I can imagine the Singapore Army using this in one of their recruitment adverts, LOL.

But it’s not a warring song.

If I ever make a music video for this, I’d start with a single person at the foot of a hill. Simply looking up. Then for no apparent reason, that person starts walking up the hill. And soon, people starts to join the climb. The hill isn’t particularly steep but it’s not an easy climb. On the way, an old woman has to sit down to rest. A young man goes up to her. He carries her on his back the rest of the journey. The music video would end with a view of the people just standing on the top of the hill, quietly looking out on the misty glowing landscape.

This image illustrates the imagery nicely (Climb up the green hill. Originally uploaded by Berni Beudel):

Enjoy the song!

Let me know what you think of it. Leave a comment.

~ Ivan

28 thoughts on “Song: The Hill (2008)

  1. great song! reminded me of the good old days when i listened to folk a lot. names like great big sea, four men and a dog, fiddler’s green , oysterband and so many more come up đŸ™‚ thanks for sharing!

  2. dun know y, it reminds me of lord of e rings, at the ‘dwarf’s’ village during the happy times … interesting melody and nice blend of instruments.:) … can imagine this to be even more grand with added tracks.
    erh… got quantize e tracks though? the instruments not so tight, like between 0.33s to 0.44s, n bet 01.00s to 01.07s.
    way to go Ivan. this is cool!

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  4. You sure have oodles of right-brain talent there! In another lifetime, I’d see you as a copywriter or a jingle composer or a music video producer.

  5. celtic feel is what im getting and its’ good. thank goodness no voice/vocal on the background lol, just kidding. keep it up man.

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  9. Thanks for letting Nathan Lowell use “The Hill” for his upcoming podiobook! I love the piece and have downloaded it to listen to in its entirety. I’ll enjoy hearing it in Nate’s podiobook as well. I’ve never been disappointed with his books or the music he chooses for them!

    Congratulations on your fine work!!

  10. Such a pretty song. It is interesting to hear how the “story” progresses over the span of the song. It builds and retracts, like a living, breathing entity. I absolutely love it! Thanks again for letting Nate use the music. I look forward to hearing how these two stories mesh when the Ravenwood podiobook comes out in January.

  11. Hi keikomushi/ DL Owens, thanks for listening and commenting. Actually, it is I who have to thank Nate for using the track. Nothing is as rewarding as having my amateur music being used. And in a (podio)book, no less!

  12. Well, I now got to expect Nathan to find nice tunes that fits his books perfectly. Again, it is a perfect fit. Inspirational it is!

    So, in short, thank you for this really cool song and letting Nathan use it.

  13. this is a wonderful piece of music. I want to thank-you for letting Nathan Lowell use it in his Ravenwood story. This is my kind of music and really enjoyed it . Will listen to much more!

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  15. It’s funny how we get locked into an ethnocentric way of thinking…Until I heard “The Hill” in Nathan Lowell’s podiobook, Ravenwood, I never would have imagined that the wonderful Celtic-style music came out of Singapore! Thanks for breaking me out of my little box, thank you for putting your beautiful, moving music out there for us to enjoy, and thank you so much for allowing Dr. Lowell to use it to “illustrate” his story.

  16. Thanks to all who commented above. And to Rose: If I heard another Singaporean play a Celtic sounding tune, I would have been equally surprised as well. So it’s not you! LOL. Thanks for the comment.

  17. Nice song – I do was introduced to it via Nathan Lowell’s story – (We are the printed/ebook publishers of his work) it looks like you got a nice bit of exposure by making this available glad to see that type of cross – pollination.

  18. @Robin – thanks for the comment. Yes, Nathan gave this song boatloads of publicity! I consider it my good fortune that he decided to use the track. Yet another example of the benefits of sharing, I guess.

  19. I am so enchanted by your musical score for the audio book “Ravenwood!” You are an awesome composer! Please let me know more about your other works! Thanks. Laura

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