Discussing music via video chat

video starfish

Ivan and I were discussing on gmail video chat and then on skype (which had better connectivity) about the 2nd album which is to be called One World, One Moment”. The third album is tentatively called “The Mangrove Tree” although this might change.

Ivan’s been pretty productive so its gonna be tricky compiling this one cos only half will be collaborative. But still the music and mash-ups are a step up from seastars the album.

We are still thinking of a distinctive sound for the music and Ivan hit the nail on the head by mentioning the word mindfulness. Its the general philosophy that the music is built upon

Ivan‘s notes of discussion:

1) Themes/ issues.
e.g. “SeaStars”, “The Mangrove Tree”, “One World, One Moment” (moods)
Issues – e.g Human Rights, Violence, “how screwed up this world is”

2) Musical Philosophy – Mindfulness. period

3) Musical Style – (still exploring)
To me, this is best understood by others through the vocals and instrument sounds they hear. What is this, I’m not sure what. Currently I feel there’s a possible blend of “read aloud poetry” and Asian instruments.

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One thought on “Discussing music via video chat

  1. It was the first time we ever discussed music over Chat. Unplanned one even! Maybe if the bandwidth improves in future, we can start doing some jam sessions over chat. 🙂

    I like how we’ve managed to agree that our music can be framed by these 3 aspects: (i) Theme/ Issue, (ii) Musical Philosophy, (iii) Musical Style.

    The most constant aspect will be the Musical Philosophy part (i.e. where our music is about being Mindful and Aware of our surroundings). I feel this is something both of us unconsciously put in, or at least try to, when composing our songs. It’s one of the reason why we came up with the SeaStars album.

    The part which we can be flexible is the choice of the theme. This will vary from album to album. And I think it will influence the musical style somewhat, though not a lot.

    The hardest part right now is figuring out what is our musical style. Our Chat made me wonder if maybe “musical style” is most clearly defined by the (i) vocals in the song and (ii) choice of instruments. E.g. I can instantly tell if it’s Enya or Sarah McLachlan because their vocals are distinctive. And I can tell if it’s Acoustic Alchemy (i.e. mainly acoustic guitars, with a jazzy feel) or Andre Vollenweider (i.e. the harp and orchestral quality of his compositions) because of the tell-tale instruments featured. We don’t have vocals, so our style might have to rely on instruments.

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