SeaStars 2007 album now available at Jamendo

Adrian told me about some time ago. Was pleasantly surprised to find lots of radio-friendly CC-licensed music.

It took me some time to get our SeaStars 2007 album uploaded to Jamendo (it only accepts WAV format, which is a pain to upload, at about 35MB per song!)

Here it is!

Before that, I decided to create an email account for the band (details at our Jamendo profile page).

Jamendo is a social networking site for musicians: upload your songs (singles or full albums), license it under CC, share it, let people discover you, discover musicians you like, post comments/ review their music. You can also see a consolidated page of the comments you’ve posted. The site also recommends stuff that you might like (unobtrusively, I might add).

They also offer stats on your music (no. of downloads, plays etc).

You can offer friendship requests and receive requests as well.

Gotta admit I’m a bit skeptical about “I wanna be your friend” requests, ‘cos I think some musicians who offer friendship often do it to publicise their music rather than make friends. Still, it’s a way to discover other people’s music.

I’m glad Adrian told me about Jamendo.

It’s a very well conceived social networking site for musicians, based on a CC-licensing concept.


I like it waaaay better than MySpace music.

~ Ivan

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