Song: Twilight 2009 PeaceMix

This might be confusing… this is a remix of a remix, that started from my original loop.
ccMixter - Twilight 2009 PeaceMix (ft. Teru + Colab)


OK, this would be clearer:

  1. Started with this loop I uploaded to ccMixter
  2. This guy did this excellent remix, using my loop and also samples from this guy and this lady
  3. Much inspired, I decided to work on Teru’s interpretation and also the beautiful bassline of Colab’s. So this was born
  4. Incidentally, Colab also remixed Teru’s mix!

Creative Commons had a quiet but significant role to play in this whole process. No permission was asked because permission was already granted by the creators.

And is one heck of a site. Very well thought-out in terms of workflow and facilitating the creative process — from the structure way of uploading your samples, to searching for works, to crediting and linking to works that you use.

Anyway, have a listen:

Hope you like it.

I’m going to suggest to Adrian that we have a “Twilight” album, all by itself.

~ Ivan

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