Ivan Bridgewater reviews 2009 OWOM

2009 One World One MomentI’ve never met Mr. Ivan Bridgewater. We emailed a few times, after I wrote to him to thank him for allowing people to use his video clip (his clip was the lightning strike that was featured in the One World MV).

I got in touch with him via YouTube mail to tell him about the completed OWOM album. He was nice enough to leave this comment:

I loved the new Album. The music is well edited and kept my interest with no problem. I was wondering if you are going to put the music to video. This music cries out to be used as part of a video. I know that will take time, but after seeing One World I know you are up to it. I highly recommend this album to anyone who loves good music.

Thanks for your kind words, Ivan B.

I don’t have plans to make a music video for OWOM. Finding suitable licensed footage is the challenge. But you’re making me think about it. Maybe a montage of the OWOM album, rather than individual songs. That might be more feasible. I’ll certainly think hard about it!

I’ll check if Ivan B. wants a copy of the MP3 CD. šŸ™‚

Check out more of Ivan Bridgewater’s videos at his YouTube page.

~ Ivan

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