Remixed! ~ The Hill

Received a ccMixter notification that this sample (from this song) was used in this video.

Check out video (done Dr. Suess style!) by ozjthomas.

In the YouTube video blurb, ozjthomas wrote: “This story might seem a little weird. A Turtle leaves home, having adventures, creating his own fate.

If you watch till the end and reflect, it’s not weird really. At first it appeared to be a straightforward Children’s story but at the end, it clearly was not. More like a story for adults. It seems Turtle isn’t a turtle but a fox. When I reached the end of the almost 7 min video, I replayed the story and it gave a different perspective.

I love the skillfully ink drawings.

The owl looked menacing! Like it was wearing a stocking over its head (1:40min)

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