Michael Cho – Street Singer

I can’t remember how I learned about Michael Cho (“Born in Hong Kong, trained in Singapore, dreaming in America…“). Maybe from a forwarded email with a link to his YouTube video of him doing this street-singing gigs.

Recently we caught up at barcamp SG 3. I missed his presentation on “Why do I street-sing? And why YOU should too!” though.
[Incidentally, there were 3 music-related presentations at barcamp SG 3: Michael, Jiin Joo, and mine. Ssee also: Shalabh’s post].

Over an online chat, I asked Michael to point me to a video that best showcased his work. He gave me two links: this and this.

Actually I feel this one really says “Michael Cho”:

To understand why Michael does his street-gig, read his post here (it’s an embedded presentation).

After listening to Michael at barcamp SG 3, blogger zTao reflected (in Mandarin) that his (her?) perspective of street singers has changed; that not all street performers do it as a last resort and/ or are down-and-out.

Michael tells me he’s still “a corporate slave” and street singing is his way of keeping sane.

Then keep performing, dude.

~ Ivan


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