ccMixter remix: We Are Boats (Rock Ballad) ft. Panu Moon

I wanted to give myself a week at least to savour this remix (the fun is in the process, as ccMixters would know). But I obsessed over it and completed the song in 3 days (a third of that time was spent refining sound engineering levels and effects… still not entirely happy with it).

What can I say? I never grew up beyond ’80s rock. 🙂

We Are Boats (Rock Ballad) ft. Panu Moon

Creative Commons LicenseWe Are Boats (Rock Ballad) ft. Panu Moon by Ivan Chew is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Singapore License.Based on a work at


First I tried to figure out the chords that would fit panu’s vocal recording. Turned out to be E/A/B.

I recorded the rhythm guitar tracks into GarageBand. Then edited panu’s vocals to fit the tempo and arrangement. Added the lead guitar part.

Here’s the sound-engineering bit: I exported the instrument/ track parts (e.g. vocals, rhythm, lead, drums) as AIFF files, without the reverb effects etc. Then re-imported to GarageBand and fine-tuned the sound levels. Finally added a bass to top off the song.

I could have just used GarageBand’s “Auto-Normalize” feature and saved myself the hassle of exporting and importing the tracks. But after comparing the difference between the two methods, it was clear that the extra effort was worth it. The sound was much more crisp. The Auto-Normalize function is great in that I don’t have to worry about red-lining (i.e. the loudness creating a buzz in the speakers) but it tend to also make the overall sound muffled. I think it reduces the treble frequencies or something.
Advanced setting - GarageBand 08

Anyway… I enjoyed composing and mixing this song.


~ Ivan


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