Songcraft is Two!

Congrats to the folks at Songcraft.

They’re TWO!

Celebrated their 2nd anniversary recently.


Looking good, Jeremy. Looking good.

Jeremy’s the founder of Songcraft. As he wrote in the songcraft blog post, he started the group and basically let it evolve. He did share with the group, after one Songcraft meetup (when I was a regular attendee), that he had some plans. I sensed that he’s a systematic guy with some sense of where to take Songcraft. But what’s unknown is the turnout (including who were the people who might attend) and the sustainability.

Some things one will never know until it’s tried.

And so far, Songcraft’s been a pretty cool proving ground/ support group for those interested in showcasing and performing their songs in front of a strangers.

Personally, I think they ought to try starting a regular podcast series for songcraft. I know some of the regular Songcrafters, including Jeremy, are Mac users.

Hey people! GarageBand!!!

~ Ivan


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