Song: New Beginning (2009)

Another combined-effort rock instrumental (I’m now working on a music video using this track):

StarFish Stories :: The Band 09

Creative Commons LicenseNEW BEGINNING (2009) by Adrian Loo & Ivan Chew is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Singapore License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at StarfishStories [at]

Composed, recorded, arranged, mixed/ sound engineered by Ivan Chew. Rhythm and lead guitars by Ivan Chew. Additional guitar by Adrian Loo. Feel free to use/ distribute/ re-post/ modify/ sell this track, as per the conditions stated in this Creative Commons BY-3.0. Singapore license. All we required is that you give clear and proper attribution to our band. Like this: โ€œAdrian Loo & Ivan Chew – StarfishStories.wordpress.comโ€œ. This track can be downloaded at

Adrian came over to my apartment on a Friday evening ‘cos I wanted to show off my KB37 (i.e. the gadget on the floor, in the image below). I fired up GarageBand on my Macbook Pro. It opened up a recent composition (i.e. New Beginning). I asked Adrian to jam to the pre-recorded tracks. He got into the groove after about five takes, doing his jangly guitar bits.
One dinosaur at work!

The next day, I reviewed what Adrian had recorded. Moved some of his tracks around. In the end, I used his jangly echo-y clean guitar portions for the starting riff, at the break, and the end of the track.

That evening was one of the super-rare occasions that the two of us could meet. We’ll still be creating our music via the usual email-comment-post-to-blog way.

I enjoyed creating this track.

Here’s the version without the main guitar parts. Feel free to create your own lead; chop it up etc (CC license applies):

~ Ivan

10 thoughts on “Song: New Beginning (2009)

  1. Thanks for letting me put in the jangly bits! It was fun to jam at your place, like a recording studio! I have always dreamt of working in a recording studio of my own…

  2. ivan made me listen at gun-point. lucky it didn’t make me want to pull the trigger. ๐Ÿ™‚

    all i have to say is i think you’re almost as good a musician as you are a librarian.

    (actually i have no idea what ivan does for the library… kidding! another nice one. bit rambly though. but then again, that’s why you’re the… nvm)

  3. Wah lau!!! Don’t say until like that leh, Ju! LOL
    OK, as long as the song didn’t make you jump out of your office window, I take it as a compliment. Um, did I just get insulted along with the compliment? Almost made me regret “forcing” you to listen to the song. Almost. ๐Ÿ™‚

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