Guitar Prodigy Tallan Latz

When I was eight, I didn’t even know electric guitars existed. Let alone play one.

And play it well.

Heck, I’m past my mid-30s and I can’t play like him! LOL

Apparently there’s some controversy (see also, this vid) with his playing at nightclubs (as a eight-year old).

The YouTube video was dated Dec 2007. Tallen is still playing gigs, as I saw from his MySpace page.

I had to smile at the part where Tallen said he saw Joe Satriani perform on TV, and wanted to be a electric guitarist!

One thing that stood out for me was Tallen’s conviction at playing the electric guitar for the rest of his life. Some part of my adult brain asked “How can he be so sure? He’s only eight!”

But then whether one is eight or eighty, you need a focus.

Tallen’s life goal may change when he hits puberty. Or it may not.

At least he’s got a clear direction right now. Which would be a good foundation for the future.

How many of us can claim to have that?

Good for you, Tallen.

~ Ivan


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