OWOM reviewed!


Thanks, once again, to musictomyears for such a flattering review of our 2nd album.
Download this album for free: 2009 One World One Moment - Jamendo

Here’s the review:

A phenomenal, atmospheric, album to really check out and truly enjoy, I was in sheer heavenly delight, listening, to all these awesome tracks. Very professional sounding, and excellent sound quality at that. I love the vocals, the ambient, enchanting, heartfelt vocals and the musical styles that varied from pop, rock to new age and even folk sounding tracks at times as well. Love the acoustic and electronic guitar especially, Fantastic sound…

An unsolicited review! 2009 One World One Moment - Jamendo

When I read the review, I had to check that it was really for our music! LOL

I was already blown over by the first review, here… and this one just made me all teary.

Thanks so much for your kind works, musictomyears!

You’ve made our day.

~ Ivan

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