Song created for the GB demo: “Crystal Tears – Epicentre Demo 26jun09”

If you caught my demo at the one-night only GarageBand demo at Epicentre@Orchard, you would have heard this:

“CRYSTAL TEARS – Epicentre Demo 26jun09”

Original composition. Guitars by Adrian Loo. Mixing & other instruments by Ivan Chew. Released under Creative Commons ATTRIBUTION 3.0 Singapore license. Feel free to reuse or remix this song (CC license applies), on the condition that you credit the music as follows:
Adrian Loo & Ivan Chew
Creative Commons License
Email us at if you need further clarifications. The track can be downloaded at

The track was created in under 15-mins. For the demo, I imported the rhythm track from Adrian’s Crystal Tears and the Dream Nebulae (still WIP as of this post). Showed a simple split/ copy tracks; added fade in-out. Added drum loops. Using GB’s software instruments; duplicating a MIDI track and adapting it for another software instrument effect. Exported the track.
Crystal Tears - Epicentre Demo 26jun09

I felt the demo went well, but then the audience would be a better judge. If you’re one of those who stayed for the demo, feel free to leave a comment. I had fun with the demo.

A big THANK YOU to the folks at Epicentre@Orchard (esp. the dude who fixed the screen resolution settings!); City Music (Mike, YL, HL); Kestrel and Lisa (you two rock!); SOFT (pleasure meeting you, James).

In case you were wondering, I wasn’t paid to do the demo.

This was reward enough:
One night only! “Best of GarageBand ‘09″ demo, 26 Jun 09

~ Ivan

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