Update: 3rd album and such


The title song for our upcoming 3rd album has been completed.

Titled “Crystal Tears and the Dream Nebula” of course.

Quite a lot of thought and effort went into this song. Adrian and I bounced through four versions over email before we were finally happy.

In a break from our usual practice, I’ve decided not to publish this title track until the entire album is ready.

So all you raving fans will have to hold your horses (yeah right…)

Now, I’m working on making sound level adjustments for the rest of the tracks in the album. Plus, one more song “Running” to be completed. Adrian sent me the MP3 stems for “Running” some time ago. Good thing too. His Macbook crashed and had to be reinstalled. And he didn’t keep backups of this GB files. Tsk tsk tsk… 🙂

This music-making is a welcome distraction and focus from work.

Meantime, I’m also finding myself inspired by this ROTW episode by Dave Weiner, on “Creativity From Gear”:


Lovely melodic riff using F#, especially when he intoduced the bass root notes. BTW he plays with a 7-string custom electric, so you won’t be able to get the bass notes in the video.

I liked the tune so much I decided to practice using GarageBand (there’s a built-in digital delay effect).
GarageBand 08 - Real Instrument Effects panel

GarageBand 08 - AUDelay

AUDelay - GarageBand '08

Managed to record something on a Saturday. Sounded decent to me. More on this, later.

Check out Dave Weiner’s ROTW youtube channel. Plenty of inspirational ideas.

~ Ivan

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