new song: Our Heroes

A remix using a ccMixter sample.

This one is for all the heroes and heroines out there: Firemen, Teachers, Police, Doctors, Nurses, Army buddies, WWII Veterans, ccMixters, Social Workers, Librarians, Wives, Husbands, Mums, Dads.

Download page here. To credit the track, you can copy this block of text:

OUR HEROES by Ivan Chew [], featuring a backing track by Scomber []. 2009 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial (3.0).

Recorded and mixed in GarageBand ’08.
Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Standard.
Guitar effects: Line 6 Pod Farm.

This is my Pod Farm amp and effects settings:
Our Heroes - Pod Farm settings

Details are posted at MyRightBrain.

~ Ivan


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