panu moon reviews “The Mangrove Tree”, and then some

In this earlier post, I mentioned mr. panu moon, an Atlanta-based songwriter and popular ccMixter contributor.

Recently I emailed him for permission to re-license his “K’laerge Lomi” guitar stem under a CC-BY license (having a similar license makes it easier in publishing the entire album), ‘cos I wanted to include Old Man and The Sea in our not-sure-when-to-be-released southeast Asian themed ‘The Mangrove Tree’ album.

Also sent him the link to The Mangrove Tree to give him a sense of what the album is about, and the context of how his guitar stem would be used.

He was generous enough to grant me permission. And I’m grateful that he took time to listen to the track AND write me the following (posted with permission):

i just listened to this piece twice. it’s very calming & very beautiful. it reminds me of acoustic alchemy’s first album, when they were playing because they loved it instead of trying to replicate themselves so they could sell records.

the fact that you live at the crossroads of so many ancient cultures & produce from that mindset is truly a blessing of tao. there is no way an american producer could get this kind of feel & performance from his artists.

lastly, i still maintain that the sound you got from the ‘lomi’ sample was pure singapore alchemy. and last, but not least, your tip to record in aiff. was the best tip anyone’s given me in years.

be proud & be yourself, my friend. panu

You know, I don’t use the word “friend” lightly.

In this case, thank you very, very much friend panu. Your review just gave hope to this fledgling musical identify that Adrian and myself are trying to create.

~ Ivan

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