“Stolen Dreams” – 290,000 plays and counting!

Our album co-contributor, I-Ling, alerted me to the number of listens for our songs, on the Sound Out page. And I tweeted it (though it should be number of ‘plays’ not downloads).

Adrian didn’t believe that the song had over 200,000 plays.

As of 5 Aug, around 7pm, it’s:

  • 290,304 plays

source: soundout.sg/?p=heard

"Stolen Dreams" - Sound Out Singapore

Maybe it’s the first track that got played. Maybe not. Whatever the reason, that’s a heck of a lot of listens for us. 🙂

Here’s “Stolen Dreams” (a rock instrumental track)

The lead guitar work is by Adrian. When he sent me the raw stems, he explained:

Gave it a shot with the leads for stolen dreams.. the leads tell the story..
There is that oriental twist and a tune to begin with that is repeated.
Then there is a melodious and uplifting part
Then there is the very convoluted part… I tried to put the frustration and agony of some lost hope… I imagine it was a teenage girl in despair

Adrian’s lead guitar stems can be downloaded from ccMixter.

I’ve also uploaded the backing track and made it available at this ccMixter page.


~ Ivan

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