Email to the fanclub

Sent to the ‘fans’ on 7 Aug 2010:

Hey there!
Yes, you among the 124 people who’ve joined the official Starfish Stories FB fanclub (and were too lazy to unsub).

Here’s the band’s 4th CC-licensed album, for your listening pleasure:

Why are these two jokers releasing two albums in the same year, you ask?

This one is special. It’s for a cause

The backstory is at this blog post:

Adrian and Ivan have even teamed up with a vocalist named I-Ling (this isn’t a typo; it’s on her NRIC). You can hear her at the first track. She wrote the lyrics too. The rest of the tracks are instrumentals (the guys didn’t want to spoil a good thing and wisely refrained from singing).

The guys say they welcome your comment/ critique at the blog post (you don’t have to worry about being nice either):

In spite of what people tell them, Adrian and Ivan plan to continue making music. Their 5th CC-licensed album is slated for release in early 2011.

Starfish Stories :: The Band

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