Jamendo reviews and compliments for CTDN album

What a surprise!

Received these reviews for our Crystal Tears and the Dream Nebula album, posted at Jamendo.com:
Jamendo reviews for "Crystal Tears and the Dream Nebula" album

Had to use Google Translate, as the reviews are in French.

The first one was from Jamendo musician, Forfly. His review, in machine-translated English, said:

How has it been possible to miss that?
Here is a superb album unjustly forgotten by critics, that Jaz has uncovered and reported to me – I thank the passage.

Apart from the Title 5, which I believe breaks the mood a bit, all the rest of the album is bathed in a warm and silky.

The guitars are beautiful, deliciously lyrical, they are the center of musical discourse with, however, one exception: under 6, which is sung (very beautiful ballad pop-rock).

Really, listen to this album!

[Original comment at Jamendo | Translated via Google]

If that wasn’t cool enough, here’s the second review by Jaz (who was apparently the one who made the initial recommendation):

From the guitar and good things
These are two musicians who deserve better than the 2 or 3 reviews that have so far had their three albums. Music pretty cool I think, with good guitars that do not strafe in any direction. Stay tuned.

[Original comment at Jamendo | Translated via Google]

Just when I thought those were it, we received a third! From zephiria67:

Good album
Thank you for the recommendation to Forfly if I was missing. I loved the guitar playing, all compounds which plunges into a warm and energetic atmosphere. I loved “Goodnight not goodbye. Thank you for sharing

[Original comment at Jamendo | Translated via Google]

You might think I’m making such a big deal over reviews. Well, if they are a rare thing… LOL

It’s funny. The reviews came at a time when I was wondering if I should continue to upload tracks to Jamendo (in addition to Bandcamp). They were a timely reminder that I should, because of the different audiences. Jamendo seems to have a lot more users from Europe while Bandcamp seems predominantly for and by the North American side.

I was telling our friend I-Ling that if she can help us find the equivalent music social network in China, then we’ll conquer the world. Ah, delusions of grandeur. 🙂

This reminds me: I’ve been sitting on several reviews for the CTDN album. Will post them up soon.

~ Ivan

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