Elizabeth reviews “Crystal Tears and the Dream Nebula”

It’s always a bit scary to read reviews. As much as I think we’re open to criticisms, there’s that self-conscious wince when people point out what they don’t like about the songs. But that’s the whole point of asking people to comment. So that we can become better at our craft.

Most times (if not all), people have been nice about saying the not-so-nice šŸ™‚

Elizabeth was one of the first to listen to our third album. She left her review at the blog post, back in Jan 2010:

Album cover preview: "Crystal Tears and the Dream Nebulae"

Dear Starfish Stories,

Iā€™m impressed as always with your talent and creativity. I must say the efficiency which you have developed this album is rather amazing too.

Anyway, here are my point form comments on the album songs.

Stroke of midnight ā€“ slightly too aggressive-sounding for me, but great for angst-filled moments

New beginning ā€“ liked the starting but after that got too rushed. Prefer something simpler n not sounding too complex and rushed

We wonder ā€“ preferred this a bit more. But wished it started more simply, without the bass, just the keyboard. The tiao tiao sound was nice but not all the time.

To be free ā€“ I like the bass drum guitar, fast section but the transition to soft section was not smooth

Thank u podcast ā€“ Mangrove song ā€“ songs more Chinesey or kampong like, gd start. The Indian drums n instrument section was great! The transition was relatively good too. Except the last part where e piano played the tune again, could slow it down more

Run toward sky ā€“ like the spacey section when the electric guitar just ends n the synthesizer comes in. But the electric guitar coming in again was a bit too abrupt, fast n high pitched.

Finding love ā€“ sounds like a guitar solo; no strong melody making the song sound like a song

Crystal tears ā€“ the chorus is nice, or at least more memorable but the verses are not really nice. Too many instruments for the verses. Y no singing?

Goodnight not gdbye ā€“ this songs is very different from the others. First, someone sings. It has a bit of an unearthly feel, high airy voice. But nice overall.

In sum, this album was alright. Maybe technically it was better, but in terms of melodies and sounds, the previous albums were better.

Looking forward to the next album, Mangrove song.


Thanks, Elizabeth!

~ Ivan

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