I-Ling reviews “Crystal Tears and the Dream Nebula”

Before I-Ling became part of our band, she was a listener — and dare I say, a fan? 🙂

Here’s her review of Crystal Tears and the Dream Nebula, dated 10 Jan 2010:
Album cover preview: "Crystal Tears and the Dream Nebulae"

As I was putting this post together, I also revisited the band’s first album SeaStars 2007 – the curious me is always listening for the changes in a musician or band’s sounds. Not sure if my ears are right, but I thought that the guys are showing more versatility than before.

My personal picks from their 2010 album are the title track Crystal Tears and The Dream Nebula 2010 and Stroke of Midnight v2.3.

Crystal Tears nicely captures the feel that the title suggests. The steady buildup at the beginning sets the perfect mood for this track. I could almost see the bursts of heavenly colours in my head and hear some distant stars fizzle out at various intervals. The highs and lows are nicely balanced, and I like the little touches that the band has put in, like the edgy noise at 1’12″ that balances the airy feel of the warm pad without going overboard. So it’s somewhat like watching meteoroids pass you by as you traverse the duo’s musical galaxy, without heading dangerously into an overcrowded meteoroid cluster.

There’s something mischievous about Stroke of Midnight that makes it fun to listen to. I almost laughed when I heard the first chime of the clock. I don’t know why but the picture that came to my mind was that of Cinderella on the run, on roller blades. That probably wasn’t what the guys had in mind, but that incongruous image aside, I enjoyed the drum work and the mean guitar playing in this fast-paced track.

This time round, the band has also very kindly included my croaks in Goodnight Not Goodbye v2.2, a song written by Ivan. Thank you, guys!

And for a hint of what’s to come in their next album, they have included the teaser track, Thank You. Interestingly, the Asian character in their New Age/Indie music is becoming increasingly pronounced.

Perhaps that’s what music-making is all about – developing your style, rediscovering yourself, and finally, defining your own brand of music.

See what happens when you write a positive review? We make you our band member. OK, not really lah! LOL

But yes, we are still discovering our musical styles.

~ Ivan

2 thoughts on “I-Ling reviews “Crystal Tears and the Dream Nebula”

  1. “See what happens when you write a positive review? We make you our band member.”

    Dear Ivan, at that rate, you don’t form a band; you get an orchestra. LOL.

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