urmymuse reviews “One World One Moment”

I’m going through my backlog of mails.

This review, for our second album, was from urmymuse dated Aug 2008. Posted with permission:

2009 One World One Moment

I have given Starfish Stories – One World One Moment album several listens (both on bandcamp and archive.org). Congratulations to you and Adrian for what I think it is a highly accomplished piece of work, i enjoyed listening a lot.

The complex fret work on the guitar orientated tracks is always in a compositional context, not guitar heroism for its own sake.

The way the tracks move and develop is really strong, meaning they carry the listerners interest to the end. I think this is particulary evident on “one world” and on “surfing on solar winds” (i like how the melody flips into the bass line towards the middle).

It was nice to have an unexpected vocal track in “have i told you lately” which has got a really emotional feel and builds nicley with the strings at the end.

I am listening to “the hill” as i write.It gives me the feel of “marching up the hill” with pipes and drums , or may be looking out in awe from the top of the hill?

Thanks for this, urmymuse!

~ Ivan

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