For ccMixer Secret Remix #5: Twilight Falling

From this post:


Found this lovely image that fits the idea of the song:

“The bugs will dance at twilight” by Essjay is happy in NZ

~ Ivan

Remixed! ~ The Hill

Received a ccMixter notification that this sample (from this song) was used in this video.

Check out video (done Dr. Suess style!) by ozjthomas.

In the YouTube video blurb, ozjthomas wrote: “This story might seem a little weird. A Turtle leaves home, having adventures, creating his own fate.

If you watch till the end and reflect, it’s not weird really. At first it appeared to be a straightforward Children’s story but at the end, it clearly was not. More like a story for adults. It seems Turtle isn’t a turtle but a fox. When I reached the end of the almost 7 min video, I replayed the story and it gave a different perspective.

I love the skillfully ink drawings.

The owl looked menacing! Like it was wearing a stocking over its head (1:40min)

Song: Twilight 2009 PeaceMix

This might be confusing… this is a remix of a remix, that started from my original loop.
ccMixter - Twilight 2009 PeaceMix (ft. Teru + Colab)


OK, this would be clearer:

  1. Started with this loop I uploaded to ccMixter
  2. This guy did this excellent remix, using my loop and also samples from this guy and this lady
  3. Much inspired, I decided to work on Teru’s interpretation and also the beautiful bassline of Colab’s. So this was born
  4. Incidentally, Colab also remixed Teru’s mix!

Creative Commons had a quiet but significant role to play in this whole process. No permission was asked because permission was already granted by the creators.

And is one heck of a site. Very well thought-out in terms of workflow and facilitating the creative process — from the structure way of uploading your samples, to searching for works, to crediting and linking to works that you use.

Anyway, have a listen:

Hope you like it.

I’m going to suggest to Adrian that we have a “Twilight” album, all by itself.

~ Ivan

The Caffeinated Writer

When a stranger uses an original Starfish Stories music for his podcast, it’s a “Woot!”

When he says he wants to adopt it as his permanent Intro and Outro for his podcast, and actually follows up on it — double Woot!

I just love these lines (from his podcast #1):

We woke up from the sleepy hangover haze of the 1990s, straight into the screaming morning horror of September 11, 2001…

The city of Philadelphia felt like a sack of wet farts baked in summer time sizzle. But we bore the heat, ignored the smell and pressed on anyway. Because that was what needed to be done.

Thanks for using the music, Frank.

~ Ivan

Mash-up: One World (2008) – Firdaus on vocals


Firdaus blew me away with his version (with vocals) of One World, posted just a few days ago.

ONE WORLD (Firdaus on Vocals)Listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG

I say!

He’s done a very nice job doing a this remix. He’s edited the start slight. I know, ‘cos I played the song but you probably wouldn’t have detected it.

Firdaus was worried that I might be unhappy or something; that he might have messed up my song. Dude, why would I be? It’s all in the spirit of collaboration.

Besides, the song is released under the attribute-SHARE-ALIKE-noncommercial creative commons license.

Good or bad mash-up, I wouldn’t have minded.

BUT IT IS GOOD, and I. Am. Simply. LOVING IT.

I’m bobbing my head as I listen to his version. It’s like, he GETS what I was trying to convey through the song and the choice of title.

One World.
One Family.
One Life.

His vocal melody aptly expressed what I had in mind but wasn’t able to sing. AND THEN SOME.

Man, I’m having the goosebumpy feeling. 🙂

Mash-ups like this is precisely what I (and I’m sure Adrian as well) had hoped to achieve, when we decided to release music online.

Thanks, Firdaus (and also to those who bothered to listen and leave comments to the song).

One World.

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